Meh. My Drilbur was dope at least. Oh yeah, that wild Drilbur that showed up one day at work like 3 weeks ago that I mentioned is all mine now. Not ashamed of being on the path to becoming a Pokemon Master. Found a quick minute on my way to work today for this somehow. Note, I’m only sharing this with you guys jus cuz. It’s unlisted on youtube. When I finish a serious project, maybe I’ll publicly share it. Peace.

I have wildly diverse music tastes. It suits my personality as I have wildly diverse interests in life, and because of that, my friends make the UN seem monocultural.

Never. Gets. Old. Press Play, yo. Just do it.

If you don’t know about Earth, Wind & Fire, you gon’ learn today.

Not many can touch Stevie Wonder.


Love at first listen, really. 


Love at first listen, really. 

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wait for it…






what a beautiful person

And to the introverted theatre kids, public speakers with social anxiety, and florists with allergies. 

Somewhere in the distance, Beethoven’s ghost is applauding.

My favorite post.

Ah ha! He said dyslexic writer :) that’s me

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Police escalate the violence. Unrest in Ferguson, Part 2

[part 1]

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Don’t you dare
Shrink yourself
For someone else’s comfort -
Do not become small
For people who refuse to grow.

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Haitian woman defending her son in the Dominican Republic.

This picture is raw

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I think I might shoot another dance video today. Also, new gloveset will be a September gift to myself. I’ll be sure to record a new fingershow too just for my gloving friends. I hope everyone’s day is swell thus far. Peace.