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Testing out a program called Pixelmator. I’m unsure if it’s coloring abilities, but I really like it for sketching c:!!

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Heroes are never forgotten, they become legends.

no matter the cost..
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generally, 95% of message board staff everywhere.

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This gif is perfect <3


This gif is perfect <3

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Words are energy. Sound is vibration. What is the quality of the energy that you give to yourself and others? What kind of vibrations do you send? Language is very important, for within each word contains a unique energy. Your world is built of vocabulary; car, tree, farm, dog, building, city, town, plane, etc. You associate certain imagery with each word and that is among one of the ways in which you build your world. Each of these different things contain different energy, and you label these things, thus labeling the energy. There is energy in adjectives, nouns, pronouns, in all forms of identification and labels. Describing something is giving it energy. If one person says a song is ugly, then another person hearing the same song calls it beautiful, it’s the same piece of music but given different energy. How you communicate with yourself and others is very important. Be mindful of the energy that you give. When telling someone you appreciate them, it’s a very wonderful energy and vibration that can be felt at the core of your being. As positive vibrations can be felt in such a way, so too can negative vibrations be felt. And keep in mind that most human communication is nonverbal. Just because you may not be saying something by speaking doesn’t mean that you aren’t sending out energy. The cleaner, the fresher and the more loving the energy, the better, but bare in mind that there is a such thing as tough Love. When you wake up, look yourself in the mirror (if you have one, not everyone is blessed with homes or places to live in) and say 3 nice things about yourself. Don’t always concentrate on the negative because what you send yourself will ultimately attract the same from others. And you can’t Love others unless you first Love yourself, though without arrogance. I hope you all are well, healthy and are giving positive energy the world over.

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Moving to Atlanta to become a stripper.

ATL here I come 👏👏💁💸💸💸

Tryna tell y’all.

Welp.. Im bouta make my move to ATL

👙💄💋 and ✊

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Do me a favor.
Find one thing to get excited about
every day. I know you feel like your
story has its hands wrapped taut around
your lungs and the claws of your every day
dig deeper and deeper craters in your bed
so it seems almost impossible to get out
but please, find that one thing that gives you
your rope ladder hope.
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Use da force luuke


Use da force luuke

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a gif set that perfectly shows what will happen if you try to cater your creative works to please SJWs 

Dat commentary 

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Dope day. Ended up walking back to the next town up, but I improv-ed a blues song from things that happened as I was walking and sang it over and over again for over an hour until I got to where I was going. The life of someone with blues singing talent.


Biddy is a 2-year old male African Pygmy hedgehog who goes on amazing adventures with the help of his people parents Thomas and Toni. He goes all over the place and if you want to see more of him and his travels check out his Instagram!

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This part got me super excited

To me, this is one of the greatest sensations in the world, giving Love through Art.


This part got me super excited

To me, this is one of the greatest sensations in the world, giving Love through Art.
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