You just have to get back up and live.


You just have to get back up and live.


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i am so sick of seeing 100 pound white girls representing clothing i wanna buy.

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But that’s none of my business

All kind of stones being hurled around these glass houses

Motherfuckers trying to take a moral high ground should always be scrutinized the shit out of.

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I honestly don’t know why most of my followers follow me. I don’t say this out of arrogance or ungratefulness. I say this because I would like to give my followers what they want or more of why they followed me. No one gives me any hints, so I just reblog random things sometimes, sometimes I’ll say something, I know the music blogs that follow me likely enjoy the music I post, but other than that, I’m left in the dark. I am not, however, a people pleaser. I am a very positive person and I would like to touch that energy that I receive to the hearts of others if they would allow me to do so. I would like to help give some of the knowledge that I have, some of the love that I have, some of the confidence and tools for patience that I have to those who would so choose to receive them. If I could help someone, thank God. If I can’t, thank God. Either way suits me, but if anyone wants to say what up, hit me up. If someone wants to ask me a question, ask away. If you’re an otaku, a gamer, a raver, a bboy/bgirl, writer, dj, whatever the hell you may or may not be, if you wanna kick it, let’s kick it. If not, I’ll just do me, either way suits me, but this is simply me offering an actual blog/follower relationship to those that seek it. I am not the wisest, most artistic, most articulate, smartest anything, I’m not all that special, but I’m present. That is all that I’m attempting to get across. Anyway, saying hello will not make or break me, it aint that easy to hurt my feelings, but if you like Goku, and I can post more Goku, or more Pokemon, etc, then let’s get it. Peace.



Perpetual reblogging.

LOL so much was said with so few lines.

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priorities be like

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Now we have four Sailor Guardians.

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Failure is usually boring. It is the credible but unrealized threat of failure that is interesting.
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I hope no one thinks I was talking down to anyone in that last post. That was just me being old and realizing how old I was. I hope to dive into some of that software in the future, if my obsolete os can run any of it. I was just caught completely off-guard by how much stuff was out there. And I wouldn’t be the person to know about any of it largely because I never bothered to look. I do a lot of my editing as I’m translating some of my stuff from notebook/paper to computer, and then crunching from there with whatever basic typing stuff computers come with. If I need to do anything serious with computers, I go to the library. If they can’t help me, well, that just might suck. *shrugs nonchalantly* I never really do anything with most of my work of any kind anyway, I mostly just store things and read over them or look at them or listen to them however far down the line it is as I look back on old work. Unless commissioned, in which case, that’s different. I enjoy experimenting, though, truly.


DreamWorks animator imagines the “Rejected Princesses” Hollywood would never touch 

While fans have taken to creating their own “racebent” versions of classic Disney characters, the question still remains: Given how many great female characters there are in history and in literature, why is Disney not willing to look outside the box?

That was the question on former DreamWorks animator Jason Porath’s mind when he launched his project “Rejected Princesses.” Describing himself as “a guy who likes interesting, lesser-known women and would like for them to get their time in the sun,” Porath decided to create Disneyfied versions of female characters who would have a hard time receiving the green light from the studio.

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This is officially the best thing on tumblr.

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There’s so much technology for everything now. I’m so far behind. All that writing software I just posted that I was completely unaware of, and here I’ve always just been a pen and paper kind of guy. I have so many notebooks and paper that I keep with me and all kinds of pens. I think I might be starting to see why some people call me old school, although I still disagree with that terminology. I probably wouldn’t know what to do with all that stuff if I could get myself to care for more than 2 minutes, but wow, that’s a lot. Don’t let my youth fool you, I’ve never been very big on technology. I think the most advanced thing I have is either my ps3 or my 2ds, especially seeing how my computer is obsolete. I have never had, nor would I ever care for, a smart phone. I’ve never even used a card to pay for something of mine before, I always use cash. And I read. Books. People always ask for links of information as if books with actual pages don’t exist anymore. All of that writing software of which I was completely ignorant, just seeing it makes me realize more just how simple I prefer things. And people depend on all of that writing software? I had flash drives flunk out on me twice, needing to be formatted and lost all of the data I’ve had on it. Never again. But I suppose whatever works for whatever individual. Different strokes for different folks, right?


Ok here is a compilation of all the software and useful tools I’ve come across whilst writing. Some of them I’ve reviewed on here already, more coming soon. 

Got an idea? Well get planning! Here’s some useful outlining, brainstorming and mind- mapping software:

Just want to get writing? You want a word processor:

Making notes? Here you go:

Timelines giving you a headache? Try these:

Now perhaps you want to organise those notes. Got a lot of research? Character sheets? Images? Well here’s some tools to keep all that together:

Are you easily distracted? The following tools will keep you on track:

Even more productivity tools to help keep you focussed on your task:

So you’ve got something down? Need to edit? 

All done? Perhaps you’d like some e-publishing tools:

I’m feeling generous, have some more cool stuff:

Enjoy! I may update the list as I find more, or I’ll make a second list.

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These are all so beautiful and functional. 

ah yes, i see the bedroom fandom is growing.  


I have a loft bed, it’s awesome, being sort of detatched from the rest of your room up on the top as you sleep is quite peaceful

would endorse to anyone who is under 5’5 :I

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